Halloween poetry

Učiteljica Ivana Petrlić Nađ s nama je podijelila dvije pjesmice na engleskom koje su napisale učenice 5. c razreda. Tema je bila Halloween.


Do you know about a day?
That’s not very far away?

On Halloween there’s people wearing orange and black,
and spiders are running up your back.

My friend is picking a costume he can wear,
and all the neighbours he will scare.

On Halloween you can trick – or – treat.
And they will give you something sweet!


Lucija Facković, 5.c


You are orange you are black,
On this night everything is dark!

Everyone is wearing a costume today
And kids are all ready to play!

Teens are having a costume party,
while your granny is having a tea party!

This year is your time to win
on a costume party at your friend Tim.

The witches are taking all over the world,
But you can stop them with a magic word!

Melanie Sever, 5.c