Zadaćnice iz engleskog

Donosimo vam dva sastavka po odabiru prof. Rezo. Učenici su pisali školsku zadaću iz engleskog jezika, a odabrani najuspjeliji tekstovi govore o vršnjačkom nasilju i savršenom mjestu za život.

My perfect place to live would be something small, unbelievable and cool. It doesn’t exist in real life, but you can imagine it in your head.
It’s not colourful as someone else’s perfect place to live in, but it’s okay. There are two schools. One for music and one for video games. I would go to both schools and I would like it.
It wouldn’t be a big city, around five thousand people would live there. It would be a place where people have fun and there wouldn’t be any crime. There wouldn’t be racism and there would only be one language. Probably English. There would be no weapons in this place. I think people would like this place because you could come here for free and wouldn’t need a lot of money to buy things. There would be a lot of nature in it, like trees, flowers, etc. There would be only dogs in this town. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you the name of the town. It would be called: Place for people who want to be happy. I think that would be a nice name.
Also, you could bring everyone from your family here. Here you could do whatever you want. One thing is wrong with it. It doesn’t exist. And I would be happy if someone would like to live there with me and my family.
Lovro Berković, 8.e


A lot of teenagers get bullied every day in school, just like I was. It’s sad to hear that some people bully others because they don’t deserve it.
I remember one day when I was 13 years old: eight-graders were pushing me on the road and I felt so helpless and scared. I was afraid of going to school because of bullies. There were three of them, they were tall and always rude to so many students. Later that day, my mum came to school and they got scared. After that drama none of them ever touched me again, or even talked to me anymore.
I’m 14 years old now and I still get bullied sometimes. But I’ve changed since then. I’m more confident and I’m not so insecure like before. If someone makes fun of me I ignore them or laugh with them, because they cannot do anything to me. If they realise that I don’t care, they will leave me alone.
If somebody knows that somebody is being bullied, they should help him/her because many things go through teenage mind. A lot of teenagers commit suicide because of bullying and that’s sad. Bullies should get punished.

Matea Subašić, 8.e