Kad imaju priliku biti kreativni, učenici nas često oduševe svojim djelima. Pročitajte dva sna iz pera učenika osmih razreda.



My name is Luka. I’m five years old and I go to kindergarten. I like to play with my toy cars and I like to play with the ball.
For my fifth birthday I made a wish to be older. After the birthday celebration I went to sleep. Next day to my big surprise I woke up years older. I was going to the eighth grade. There was no more time to play with the ball and the most important thing now was to study and study some more. I was confused and could not quite understand what was going on. It was a pretty tough time.
Suddenly, my alarm clock went off and right next to me was my mum saying to get up and get ready for kindergarten. I was very happy that it was just a dream and I will be careful with my wishes in the future.

Luka Bošnjak, 8.d


The Glogster theatre is the most famous theatre in the world. There is one perfomance per day, but there is always plenty of people there.
It was Saturday and the newest play “Kidnapping” was on. Lead actress was Alison Dorothy. Jack and Mark were kidnappers and they were supposed to kidnap her. But the real kidnappers came and took Alison, Jack and Mark. Everyone was looking for them. But no one could find them. It has been five years since they were kidnapped and there was a performance on in memory of them. In the middle of the play Alison came on the stage. Everyone was surprised because they all thought that she was dead.
She said that she couldn’t remember last five years of her life. She was put in a mental hospital. Two months after Alison’s return, play “Murder, she wrote!” was on. There was a scene with two dead bodies. They were on the stage and actors realised that bodies were Jack and Mark. Everyone was shocked. Alison started to talk, she remembered everything about the last five years. Mark and Jack started to talk, too. Everyone thought that they were dead, but they were only drugged. Alison went to police and detective McCartney questioned her. “So, this is what happened…”, she said.
Alison fell off her bed and woke up. She realised that it was only a dream. She ran to the theatre and police and journalists took photographs of her. She took newspapers and she saw her, Mark and Jack’s picture. She threw the newspapers away and started running. Was it all a dream? Was it?

Judita Ćorić, 8.d