Our first school trip in the sixth grade

In the morning of October 26, all the students from all the sixth grades in Vugrovec-Kašina school woke up excited. It was the first school trip in the sixth grade! When they got ready, they came in front of the school at 6:50 am and they left by bus around 7 o’clock. In was fun in the bus from the very start. So, the happy double-decker bus was driving to Kuterevo, a bear sanctuary. Kuterevo is a place in Lika, close to city Ogulin. There we saw altogether 5-6 bears. They weren’t afraid of us and we weren’t afraid of them, as long as they were behind the fence. The manager of the beautiful bear sanctuary was telling us about Kuterevo personally.

After that, we went to one small church. It was on the top of Velebit mountain. We went inside and we saw a wonderful ceiling, painted in unusual way, but nice. After the church, we went to a restaurant, on the very top of the mountain. And the view? It was breath-taking. It was cold outside, but it was warm and cosy in the restaurant. Some students ordered juice, some ordered cocoa, even some pancakes while the professors drank coffee. Some even played cards! After that, we went to the source of the Gacka river. In the bus we had loads of fun. Students were singing and playing, professors were talking about landscape and historical events connected to this region. When we arrived to the Gacka river, we walked on lots of wooden bridges, pathways and then we got into a small mill.

There was a lot of noise, so we tried to hear what the miller was saying, and we did! He gave us some bread made with the flour from the mill for tasting. When the first group finished the tour of the mill, the other group went in; and we were watching the river. It was really wonderful. When we finished sightseeing, we went back to the bus again. This time, we went to Ogulin, but, when we arrived the rain was falling. Most students didn’t bring umbrellas along, so we kept riding to Burger King, where everyone had a snack. That was our last station.

Written by: Laura Vojnić, 6.c
Translation into English: Ana Galić, 6.c