Neobične priče i proljetne pjesme na engleskom

Vugrovečki šestaši su ovih dana pisali priče iz neuobičajenih stajališta, pročitajte neke:


Life of a smartphone

Hello! I am a smartphone. I feel so tired. People use me to set their morning alarm for school of work, reading news, watching videos. Also, they use me to communicate with friends and family anywhere in the world. Last year I fell down from the third floor and I survived. I broke my front side and lost all my memories. I only remember that it was painful.

Veronika Baričević, 6.d


A day in life of a pen

Frist, I woke up in the pencil case. First thing I saw were few crayons, pencils and a sharpener. Then I saw sharpener waking up. We started talking. We were looking around just to see if anyone is awake. All of a sudden someone opened the pencil case. We thought of escape plan very quickly. Then we ran out from the pencil case very quickly. Now everyone has gone their own way. We were free.

Lucija Pantlik Paljug, 6.d


A day in a life of an eraser

A few day ago Sara learned all morning. She didn’t take her eyes off that geography book, so I knew a test was coming. I don’t like tests because I always get used a lot. Frist, she used a third of me on that test, then in the next lesson she wouldn’t stop drawing! Finally, when the day was over, I was still alive.

Sara Pajurin, 6.d


A bouncy adventure

First, I waited for morning. When sun finally came up, I was so happy because I could see something now. Then, some time passed and two boys came out to play with me. They played table tennis with me, because I am a ping pong ball. They played three games during which I landed in the mud three times!!! Soon another boy came and all of them played. I was having so much fun, but I was so dirty because of the mud. After twelve games they put me on the shelf and went inside. But they put me on the lowest shelf and soon I was in a dog’s mouth. The dog was playing with me, but he stopped and started to chase a chicken. I was laying on the grass and watching the clouds. Finally, one of the boys saw me on the grass and put me in a box on the shelf. I happily slept there until the next day.

Tin Rezo, 6.d





Osmaši su pjesmom opisivali svoje osjete proljeća:



I feel pretty butterflies flying.

I taste the beautiful singing of birds.

I touch nice colourful flowers.

I smel good green leaves.

I hear delicious Easter food

I see happiness.


Ema Sedinić, 8.c



I feel delightful blooming forest.

I taste the joy of singing birds.

I touch the charm of fresh air.

I smell tender new grass.

I hear sweet chocolate eggs.

I see happiness.


Laura Vojnić, 8.c


I feel beautiful trees full of flowrs

I taste relaxation of the birds

I touch fresh flowers

I smell soft leaves

I hear amazing cherries

I see happiness


Karla Ročić, 8.d



I feel amazing green hills,

I see excitement,

I smell sweet apples,

I hear great old trees,

I touch relaxing birds singing,

I taste refreshing flowers.


Bernard Trempetić, 8.d